Thursday, February 10, 2011

Trump For President: Thanks A LOT, GOProud


Trump hijacked CPAC 2011 today by making a surprise afternoon speech dangling the possibility of his candidacy for president.  Supposedly, he'll decide by June whether or not he will run.

"Trump has been hinting at his desire to run for months.  'For the first time in my life, I am absolutely thinking about it,' he told MSNBC in October.  According to Newsmax, Trump is 'telling friends he has decided he will definitely run.'  And although he denied any involvement when someone began mysteriously polling New Hampshire residents about their thoughts on a Trump campaign, he still made sure to tell Fox News that he heard the results were 'amazing.'"

This showboat!  He knows how to play an audience.  Either he is serious about running for president (are you ready for the harem girls and gold leaf?) or this is just another promotion for fucking Apprentice.  And who do we have to thank for this?  

Everyone's favorite self-loathers, GOProud!

Of course, Chris also thinks the gay left is worse than Al-Qaeda, so I'm not sure we should be letting him walk around unattended.

"Chris Barron, the chairman of the conservative gay group GOProud, told The Daily Caller it was his organization that invited Trump to CPAC and that, personally, he 'would love to see Mr. Trump run for president.' Barron noted that CPAC has been boycotted by some social conservatives (whom he dismisses as a 'handful of extremists') because of GOProud’s involvement with the event this year, and that GOProud 
'wanted to do something to help support the conference, which is why we wanted Mr. Trump to come.'

Thanks.  Thanks a lot.

[Yahoo! News]

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  1. I hope the Donald bankrupts himself and drops out after New Hampshire.