Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Introducing: Geek Shit Wednesday

Last week inspired me to do... GEEK SHIT WEDNESDAY!

The European Spallation Source

Geeks everywhere jizz constantly whenever Sir Patrick Stewart opens his mouth (since he's a Shakespearean actor, that's a lot of jizz), so it was no surprise that Sir Pat was tapped to try and explain to us dumbasses exactly why the newest research facility in the old country was causing such a buzz.

"ESS has been described as the Hubble telescope of neutron sources, probing deep into materials with unpresidented clarity. It will be one of the most important and prestigious scientific research facilities in the world, enabling developments as diverse and as significant as drug magnetic materials for data storage...super strong, super light ceramics for engineering.... biocompatible materials for repairing our fragile bodies.......hydrogen fuel for clean transport ......innovative processes for capturing carbon.... the list is endless."

Anyway, here he is:

Introducing.....The European Spallation Source from Optic Verve on Vimeo.

Robot Baby Spells Doom for Mankind

Hasn't pop culture taught us anything?  This robot baby was designed to elicit an emotional response from human caretakers with distressed faces and such.  Well, it appears that it needs a little tweaking, because instead of "Awwwww," this disembodied, jerky baby head flopping around on a table and rolling its eyes madly inspires "AAAAAACK!"  This insane baby head is clearly a killer robot bent on world domination.  This can't end well.

(yes, I know there's no sound)

HP to push webOS for desktops

Everyone who knows me has seen my phone.  Like many Americans, we're inseparable.  Unfortunately, I get a lot of jokes because it's a PalmPixi (stuff the fairy jokes, asshole).  However, I'm excited to hear that HP, as one of the largest hardware producers in the field, might be pushing for webOS (Palm's Linux-based operating system) as a viable alternative to Windows.
"Although HP hasn't provided any specific details yet, it's not hard to imagine various ways that the company could start working webOS into its hardware products. It seems like an ideal platform for HP's all-in-one TouchSmart PCs, which have touch-enabled displays. HP could also potentially use webOS in future iterations of its tablet-toting printer products like the Android-based eStation. On conventional desktop computers, webOS might be useful as an instant-on companion operating system alongside Windows—a function that HP has historically served by shipping the Linux-based Splashtop environment."

I love this.  Maybe webOS will finally challenge Windows' domination of the PC market?

[Ars Technica]

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