Saturday, February 19, 2011

Georgian Legislator Thinks The Police Should Care About Your Uterus

Whackadoodle House Republican Bobby Franklin (who wants to change the word "victim" to "accuser" in reference to rape) now advocates that GA state police should investigate each and every miscarriage to make sure that it wasn't an on-the-sly abortion.

 Bobby Franklin:  Fixing the deficit by... giving police departments overtime pay?

"It gets worse. Franklin wants to create a Uterus Police to investigate miscarriages, and requires that any time a miscarriage occurs, whether in a hospital or without medical assistance, it must be reported and a fetal death certificate issued. If the cause of death is unknown, it must be investigated.  If the woman can't tell how it happened, than those Uterus Police can ask family members and friends how it happened.  Hospitals are required to keep records of anyone who has a spontaneous abortion and  report it. Yup, we've been waiting for someone to suggest this--and Franklin has."

Because the police don't have enough to do in Georgia?  Now they gotta run around and ask your family about your miscarriage?  Lamesauce!  What's next?  Spying on people to make sure they stay in the missionary position? 


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