Friday, February 11, 2011

GOProud Reminds Me Of High School Jocks

In a gender-role affirming twist of dick-baggery, GOProud threw a party at CPAC last night that featured a unique kick in the pants to the left's manhood-- people wore stickers that said "Our gays are more macho then their straights."

Riiiiight.  Let me explain to you why you're stupid, GOProud.

Here in modern America?  We don't really need to identify as "macho" or "sissy."  We can judge a persons worth not on their biceps but on their accomplishments.  I judge you on your accomplishments (or lack thereof) and I really wish that you could be mature enough to do the same.

Take myself, for example.  I am easily identified as gay.  While I'm not particularly nelly, I do indeed look and sound like a big queer.  I have often been dismissed as a pansy and as a sissy.  Neither of these words apply to me. 

For instance, while I was in the army I routinely exceeded the requirement for physical strength (measured by pushups) as well as being the fastest marching soldier during our 20-K ruck marches.  Also!  I have a typical male attitude about sex and food-- I've sown my wild oats far too much for my own good and am a meat and potatoes kinda guy.  Uh, and I can probably drink you asshats under the table.

However, none of these make me a good person with worth.  What does?  The hard work I do every day to write and teach those around me about the country we live in.  My dedication to equality, so much so that I have a court date in March and will probably end up doing community service because of the civil disobedience I've taken part in.  I will do that community service with pride that I helped change America for the better.

That's my worth.  And it's a lot!  I'm a pretty stand-up guy.  Spare me your heteronormative (can a gay group even BE heteronormative?!  weird) bullcrap and do something worthwhile. 



  1. Heterosexist comments from GOShame? I know you are just shocked.