Monday, February 21, 2011

NOM Donors Can't Hide Their Bigotry, Court Rules

National Organization for Marriage, a right wing hate group notorious for spreading lies and for the gross vitriol of their talking heads Maggie Gallagher and Brian Brown, got served a giant can of whoopass as reported by the Kennebec Journal today.  Back in 2009, NOM spearheaded a campaign in Maine repealing the law allowing gay Mainers to marry-- and won.  It was a crushing defeat for the gay rights movement in the area, but it spawned a much more intricate and damning legal battle. 

You see, in Maine, if your organization donates more than $5000 to a political cause, they have to register with the government and release the names of all their donors of $100 and up, allowing for a high level of transparency.  After all, if your rights are being taken away, don't you want to know by whom?

Well, for the past two years, NOM has refused to release this information-- in blatant violation of the law-- and sued the state government, saying that if these names were released, "radical homosexual militants" would attack and harm said donors.


Well, the great state of Maine decided that these punks can't hide who wants to shove their bigoted points of view on their minority-- and told them to comply with the law.

The donors could simply hide behind Maggie's chins.  Just sayin'.

"U.S. District Court Judge D. Brock Hornby rejected arguments made by the National Organization for Marriage, which contributed about $1.9 million to a Maine group that helped repeal Maine's law allowing same-sex marriage in 2009, that the reporting law was vague and overly broad.

"'I conclude finally that this Maine law is constitutional,' Hornby wrote in his 22-page decision handed down late Friday."

Ha!  In this day and age, when the SCOTUS hands down decisions allowing corporate entities to help decide who gets elected to office, campaign transparency is uber important.  Congrats on getting something right.  No word yet as to whether or not NOM will appeal, but be ready for some class-A whining. 

[Kennebec Journal]

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