Thursday, February 3, 2011

Egypt Erupts Into Renewed Violence, Mubarak Administration Blames Foreign Interference

Egypt has exploded into rock-throwing battles and punitive attacks on journalists from Mubarak supporters over the past few days, to include an attack on Anderson Cooper (who could hit someone that adorable?!).

"As bruised and bandaged protesters danced in victory after forcing back Mubarak loyalists attacking the square, the government increasingly spread an image that foreigners were fueling the turmoil and supporting the unprecedented wave of demonstrations demanding the ouster of Mubarak, the country's ruler for nearly three decades.

"'When there are demonstrations of this size, there will be foreigners who come and take advantage and they have an agenda to raise the energy of the protesters,' Vice President Omar Suleiman said in an interview on state TV."

President Mubarak is saying that he really wants to step down now, but he fears that he needs to stick around to prevent chaos from completely enveloping the country.

Of course, conservative American groups are supporting the status quo in Egypt and generally capitalizing on the situation in order to criticize Obama (via JoeMyGod:

I mean, really?  Cozy with the Muslim Brotherhood?  Who, by the way, have no connections to terrorist activities?

I mean, what do they mean by "pals?"  Does Barry O invite the Muslim Brotherhood over for darts?

So, basically, these World Net Daily nuts are not content to retard progress in America-- they have to try in Egypt as well.  I mean, Republicans are seriously supporting a dictator's autocratic rule.  Do they understand what it is they are doing?!


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