Thursday, February 10, 2011

Environmental Protection Agency Under Fire For... Uh, Protecting The Environment. Yeeeeeeah.

In yet another stunning move of pure brilliance, key GOP legislators criticized the EPA for imposing rules designed to ensure the future of life on Earth.  Because, of course, it would hamper the refinery and coal power plant business and the US would lose jobs.

"'I know American manufacturers can compete -- but not if they are saddled with burdensome regulations that put us at an unfair advantage,' Representative Fred Upton, the chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee told a hearing on Wednesday on his new bill.

"Upton and other Republicans said rapidly developing countries such as China were not placing the same rules on their businesses, so some manufacturing could be forced abroad."

Of course, the head of the EPA disputed the nay-saying, stating that 1.5 million temporary jobs would be created under the new rules as the need to update pollution-spewing facilities would require more construction and engineers. 

She's wrong of course!  Clearly we're going to outsource power generation to China.  Now, about building that powerline spanning the Pacific Ocean...

Some would have our domestic policy determined by an autocrat's rule in Beijing.  I say:  Fuck those guys!  Imma do what I want!

These dingbats.  Fighting the future by quoting junk science isn't really fooling anyone that climate change isn't real.  It is real-- and, to sound like my mother, I don't care what the neighbors are doing.  We live in the "shining city upon a hill" and we are supposed to be doing the right thing.  We are leaders, and we can encourage everyone to follow suit in protecting our planet by leading the way and educating foreign leadership. 

In short:  Don't be a jackass.


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