Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What the Hell???

Listen, I'm thinkin' that I'm gonna stay out of Montana.  Every time I hear about a Montanan in the news, it's because they're crazy.  For instance!  The Montana Freemen, the Unabomber, and my sister's ex-husband, who kept a freaky used car lot in her driveway.

 Ms. Taylor also has great potential as a writer.  Fiction only, of course.

Now it appears that these nutjobs are making their way into government, like this representative, Janna Taylor, who argued for the death penalty on the grounds that prison guards would be vulnerable to HIV-tipped blow darts thrown by pesky prisoners.  Naturally, the solution to this is to kill the inmates.


Besides being completely fucktarded, it's just unsound science:  HIV can't survive in oxygen.  As soon as the blood is exposed to air, it's dead.  Plus: does she REALLY think that all prison inmates have HIV?  If so, maybe a better plan (instead of killing them all) would be to encourage safe sex practices amongst prisoners-- for instance, by making condoms available.

Of course not.  That would be immoral. 



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