Friday, November 19, 2010

Another Newsface Slapped Upside the Head. Plus!!! Donald Trump's "Hair" to Rule them All!

So, not too long ago every libtard's favorite Cronkite wannabe (after Queen Maddow, natch) Keith Olbermann was suspended without pay for donating money to Democratic candidates.  Another one bites the dust!

Joe Scarborough, rumored to be considering a presidential bid with Rudy Giuliani (he loves to dress in dresses!) was suspended today for donating in the amount of $500 to friends and family running for various offices.  *yawn*  What does this mean? 

Those bitches at Fox News are laughing their asses off!  Imagine if THEY weren't allowed to contribute $$$ to the Republican Party?!  It would collapse.

And in other silly presidential candidate news:  Donald Trump says that he might put his combover on the ballot if Sarah Palin runs for president.  Ugh!  Can you imagine this sasquatch nest shedding on the floor in the Oval Office? 

On second thought, he'd probably improve the decor.  You know.  Painting the entire thing gold, Arabian dancing girls, etc.  Donald's Hair for Prez!



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