Monday, February 28, 2011

Wyoming Hate Legislation Dies In House

Gays in Wyoming have gotten a small reprieve today, as key legislation that would ban the recognition of same-sex unions performed in outside states failed to pass the required two-thirds majority in their House.

"The Wyoming House adjourned without taking action on a same-sex marriage bill that had already passed the state Senate. Passing the measure would have required a two-thirds vote in both houses.

"House Majority Floor Leader Rep. Tom Lubnau, R-Gillette, said he didn't want to spend hours of floor time debating a bill that didn't have the votes to pass. The Legislature is set to adjourn next week.

"Another bill was still pending that would change Wyoming law to specify that the state would only recognize marriages between one man and one woman. Disagreement remained between the House and Senate over whether the state should allow same-sex couples who entered civil unions elsewhere to have access to the state court system to resolve any issues that arise in their relationships."

Maybe Wyoming finally learned the lesson that Matthew Shepard's death failed to teach them-- discrimination just isn't good business.


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