Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Oregon Day!

Are you alone on Valentine's Day?  Or disillusioned with the corporate nature of American holidays?  Perhaps you just like being a freakjob who goes against the grain?  This year, celebrate.... Oregon day!

Little known fact:  Oregon became a state of the Union on February 14th, 1859.

While I was in the Army, I was frequently single or apart from my loved one on Valentine's Day (the trials of being gay in the Army).  Deployments and training exercises often got in the way of my friends being able to be with their husbands/wives/slave girls.  So!  To distract them, I invented Oregon Day!

How do you celebrate?   Make your own Oregon Day cards, put little-known facts of this gem of the Northwest in them, and give them to your single and/or heartbroken friends!

For instance, did you know:

1.  Oregon has the least number of churches per capita in the United States?
2.  Portland has the highest number of strippers per capita in the United States?
3.  It is illegal to use canned corn as fish bait?

Come!  Celebrate the home of Prefontaine and Ken Kesey!  Celebrate Oregon Day!

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