Monday, February 14, 2011

SC: Nutjob Legislator Wants To Have A Separate Currency

Completely ignoring the fact that they have no resource (such as gold or silver) to back such a venture, some asshat in South Carolina is proposing that the state form its own currency.

"State Sen. Lee Bright (R-Roebuck) says that federal spending and increased monetary intervention by the Fed have placed the entire US Federal Reserve system on a path to monetary collapse. And when the crash comes, state residents will need to rely on the stable South Carolina currency to weather the storm.

"'If folks lose faith in the dollar, we need to have some kind of backup,' Bright told Stephen Largen of the Spartanburg Herald-Journal on Friday."

The stable South Carolina currency?  That state is currently deep in debt to the federal government.  This political grandstanding (I mean, who really thinks this is going to pass) is a waste of time and resources.  Plus:  I'm pretty sure the good Sen. Bright is high on quaaludes.  I mean, look at him!

Wipe your chin, honey, you're drooling.

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