Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Miniluv Bans Prole From Having Sex Because He's Dumb

The British Court of Protection, a formerly clandestine body of judges with roots in medieval times, ruled that a UK man cannot engage in sexual relations because his IQ is so low he cannot give informed consent.


The Court, which meets in secret trials (Whaaaaaaaaaa....?), decided that the 41-year old "Alan" wouldn't understand the risks of sex and shouldn't be confronted with sex education, deeming it too confusing.  One interesting characteristic of this case?  Alan is in a gay relationship.

He is now under close monitoring in his home to make sure that he doesn't have ANY buttsecks.  One has to wonder-- are they protecting him from sex, or from predatory, icky, diseased gay sex?  Can you imagine that they would be worried about him giving informed consent if he was hitting it with a vajayjay?


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