Friday, February 11, 2011

Required Reading Updated

I updated my required reading section.  Blogs I added recently were:

Digital Enchiridion:  Michael Sebastian Lux's musings on all things mystical and arcane.  Suggested for people who want to learn about the Ordo Templar Orientalis, practical applications of propitiations to Bes, etc.

Nando's Music Blog:  NYC DJ Nando is a good friend of mine, and has plenty of happenin' mixes for the musically aware.

Father Jeff Farrow:  Father Geoff is not only a super genius and a good writer, he's one of my personal heroes.  When Proposition 8 debates in California were getting extreme and the Church encouraged priests to preach intolerance from the pulpit, Father Jeff came out during a sermon and was promptly defrocked.  I'm also lucky to call him friend, as we shackled ourselves to the White House fence together.

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