Monday, February 28, 2011

USC Quarterback Is Confused About The Words "Discriminating" and "Homophobe"

I learned a new Twitterism thanks to USC Quarterback Matt Barkley!

Smh of course, meaning, "Shaking my head."

Barkley immediately came under fire from his feed's followers, prompting him to say "look bro, I'm not discriminating and I'm not a homophobe. I'm standing up for what I believe. Cool down..."

Really, Barkley?  So if you're expressing dismay at the governments refusal to oppress its citizens, that's what, if not discrimination?  Sometimes "standing up for what you believe," while admirable, is still fucking discrimination, dummy.  "Cool down?"  Really?  You're supporting making gays second-class citizens and we're supposed to just be like, "Oh, hey man, it's cool!"  

Let this be a lesson to athletes:  If you want to comment on shit that ain't your sport, at least have a brain about it.  Geez.


  1. I like to call this Homo-phobia Lite. It feels warm and fuzzy because you get to say 'See, I love you guys... the gays... I just feel bad for you... and I don't want you to have anything.... But I love you!'... It's very cute, and makes me want to strangle people... you know... in that cute warm fuzzy kind of way! :)

  2. Diet Discrimination is SO NOT TASTY.