Friday, February 25, 2011

German Lawyers Charge Pope With Crimes Against Humanity

The Irish Times report that two German lawyers are takin' their A-game to the leader of the largest religion in the world in the International Criminal Court.

"They claim the Pope 'is responsible for the preservation and leadership of a worldwide totalitarian regime of coercion which subjugates its members with terrifying and health-endangering threats'.

"They allege he is also responsible for 'the adherence to a fatal forbiddance of the use of condoms, even when the danger of HIV-Aids infection exists' and for 'the establishment and maintenance of a worldwide system of cover-up of the sexual crimes committed by Catholic priests and their preferential treatment, which aids and abets ever new crimes'.

"They claim the Catholic Church 'acquires its members through a compulsory act, namely, through the baptism of infants that do not yet have a will of their own'. This act was 'irrevocable' and is buttressed by threats of excommunication and the fires of hell."

Cute.  I doubt it'll go anywhere-- since if the Pope is held accountable for dogmatic rulings then any religious leader in the world would be equally culpable.  I mean, what popular organized religion ISN'T guilty of similar (if not exactly the same) crimes?

Personally, I would prefer the Pope be taken to task for covering up child abuse, but hey, that'll never happen. 


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