Thursday, February 10, 2011

Texas Governor Uses Lies And Smokescreens to Distract From the Real Issues. Oh Yeah, He's a Republican. Carry On.

Governor Tom Perry said Tuesday that the State of Texas is doing just fine, financially.

 All you guys that live in this state?  You're totally fucked.  Just really royally fucked.

A critic of stimulus money and a supporter of sweeping cuts to education and health services in his state, he has refused to raise taxes or dip into the states near $9.4 billion "rainy day" fund.  Of course, he was only TOO happy to quietly cover 97% of the state's deficit with federal funds-- then touting that conservative fiscal policy turned Texas into a miracle state free from economic strife.

So who was surprised when this clear liar and hypocrite threw up a smokescreen with social issues in order to distract from his fiscal failings?

"'Governor Perry has been waking up in a very different reality than most citizens of Texas,' State Senator Wendy Davis, a Fort Worth Democrat, said at a press conference. 'Their reality is becoming starker by the day.'

"The governor also called on state lawmakers to quickly approve a list of 'emergency' proposals. These include implementing stricter voter identification requirements, requiring women seeking an abortion to first view a sonogram, targeting cities that provide sanctuary to undocumented immigrants, strengthening the rights of property owners in cases of eminent domain and calling for a balanced budget amendment to the U.S. Constitution."

What in GD hell is this dude smoking?  How are stricter voter requirements and forcing women to look at sonograms "emergencies?"  How about the $27 billion shortfall that is going to hit his state when this budget cycle ends-- making it impossible to continue many of the programs and services poor Texans rely on to get by.  

This is an all-too common theme with modern-day Republican politics.  It doesn't work.  Because IT'S A LIE.

Listen, I'm all for opposition in politics.  I wish there were MORE parties involved!  More ideas!  And I'm not opposed entirely to fiscal responsibility and smaller federal involvement in state matters.  But here's the thing:  These guys barely (in reality) make ANY decisions that are fiscally responsible, hemorrhaging taxpayer money in earmarks and salary increases-- bleeding their states dry.  How do they get away with it?  By distracting voters with morality-based initiatives... while, uh, sending shirtless pics of themselves to strange women on Craigslist, who, by the by, are not their wives.  In the process?  They destroy gay families, interfere with what goes on in a woman's body, blocks minorities from voting... all so they can get fucking rich.

Yet another "family values" candidate who is a sex fiend.  Really?  Why do Republican voters believe these assholes anymore?

It's the FACTS, guys.  The GOP today is not your Grandfather's party.  There have been positive changes-- lynchings are now frowned on, thank God-- but for the most part, it's become a diseased, corrupt, bloated monster filled with hypocrites and liars.  I read the news ALL DAY LONG, and I can't recall the last time I saw a conservative ACTUALLY espouse conservative values.

I suppose I could have just titled this post "Why I'm a Liberal."

Ok, I'm done rambling, but these motherfuckers are going to make me hyperventilate and go into cardiac arrest someday, I swear.

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