Saturday, February 5, 2011

Party Leadership in Egypt Resigns

In the 12th day of protests, the leadership of Egypt's ruling party (the NDP) resigned in another gesture aimed at pacifying the angry populace.  Nobody is fooled.

Protests continued, with tens of thousands still crowding the street demanding the resignation of autocrat Hosni Mubarak.  Even with party leadership (to include Mubarak's son Gamal) gone, the people are not satisfied.  These were the top decision makers in the regime, and they've now been replaced with younger officials who will hopefully bring a breath of fresh air to Egyptian politics. 

Barack Obama is urging a gradual transition from Mubarak's administration to Omar Suleiman, the new Vice President appointed just days ago.  Mubarak says that he wants to step down, but he fears chaos will envelop his country.  One could point out that Egypt has already sunk into chaos.  Perhaps it's time for him to go?


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  1. yeah, they totes resigned. i thought with protesters burning down their headquarters almost two weeks ago, they'd have gotten the clue a little sooner.