Thursday, February 17, 2011

Nope, Al Still Doesn't Like You

Al Cardenas, the ACU Chairman and Master of all things CPAC, stated his organization's commitment to keeping pro-gay activism out of the yearly conference.

But Al, who will spackle your face next year?  All that pancake mix/makeup ain't gonna apply itself!

"Cardenas declared that the American Conservative Union 'will always be inclusive in regards to who comes to CPAC, regardless of your ethnic origin, gender, color of your skin or orientation.' While gay conservatives might take comfort in this comment, Cardenas went on to elaborate that this applies only to individuals, and that the inclusion of groups that actually advocate for pro-LGBT issues is a different story.

"Cardenas clarified that if an organization is not in line with the ACU's principles, then 'your individual members are welcome to come, but not the organization.' Cardenas suggested that among those principles that might not pass the vetting process were the 'gays in the military issue or gay marriage.' He added that groups, gay or straight, that don't support gay issues like Don't Ask Don't Tell's repeal or marriage equality will 'fit within the tent of what we stand for.' GOProud has been an outspoken advocate for Don't Ask Don't Tell's repeal, so barring a major position shift from GOProud, it's safe to assume that they will not be invited as a participating organization at next year's CPAC conference.

Cardenas once again underlined that anyone can be a Republican as long as they hate the gays.  Great!  GOProud won't have any issues there!  They hate themselves as much as I hate happy people.  Ha!  You could say we both hate "gay" people!  Ha!


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