Friday, February 11, 2011

Uganda Isn't Happy Just Killing Ugandans

British radio host Scott Mills had a chilling encounter with Ugandan lawmaker and author of the "Kill the gays" bill, David Bahati.

Mills was in the country in order to film a documentary titled The Worst Places To Be Gay? and told MP Bahati that he himself was gay.  Ooops!

"'He was scary. He ordered us to cut the cameras then brought a security guard.

"'We ran off and he rang one of our guys saying, "Where are they staying? What are the registration plates? I want them arrested. They won't get far".

"Fortunately Scott's colleague lied about their location, and armed police arrived at the Sheraton - where they had been falsely told the team were staying.

"The DJ continued: 'I'd heard horror stories about people getting arrested and roughed up and who knows what. I was scared.'"

Dude, this is like telling Hitler you're Jewish.  Me?  You won't find me in some craphole country where they're going to send me to the chopping block.  I would do a documentary like The Worst Places To Buy Shoes or The Worst Places To Vacation In Paris.  I think I need to research that.  Paris, that is.


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