Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Zach Wahls and the Rest of America Under 40: WTF is Your Problem?

In a speech many are calling "electrifying," Zach Wahls got up in front of the Iowa legislature and told those mamma jammas that he was raised by two moms-- and he turned out amazingly.  You only have to listen to his words to agree.  The Force is strong with this one.

I saw this much earlier in the day and didn't really know what to say-- after all, Zach says it all eloquently himself.  However, this is what comes to mind when I feel despair over the conservative bumps in the road on the path to true American equality:  This kid, and kids like him, are our future.  The religious right tries so hard to retard progress in the United States.  Well, folks, you can't.  Not only are there people-- regular Americans, each and every one of us-- who fight against injustice with words and action, but the children... the children whose future you claim to protect stand with us.

Barbara Bush (the younger) just released a video stating her support for gay marriage, joining Meghan McCain in the ranks of young Republicans who have a fucking clue.  Why don't you?  Does what Zach say mean nothing?  Are you so intent on earning the vote of middle-aged bigots that you want to hinder and impede his little sister's future?

 Thanks, Barb!  Now, uh, put down the bottle.  Really.

If you really cared about the children, you would listen to his plea, and you would listen to your children.  They are the future, and they will judge your efforts today.

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