Monday, February 7, 2011

Sean Avery is the Hottest Beyotch Ever

In writing this newsblog, I happen across too many instances of star athletes behaving like big fat dumbasses when it comes to homos.  I'm pleased to say that Sean Avery is not only hawt, but he loves the queers so much that he made a uniquely generous offer.  

Avery, a professional hockey player who plays for the New York Rangers, had this to say about queer athletes:

"'If there's a kid in Canada or wherever, who is playing and really loves the game and wants to keep playing but he's worried about coming out, I'd tell him to pick up the phone and call [NHLPA executive director] Donald Fehr and tell him to book me a [plane] ticket,' he told the Toronto Sun. 'I'll stand beside him in the dressing room while he tells his teammates he is gay. Maybe if Sean Avery is there, they would have less of a problem with it.'"

Keep in mind that this guy is straight.  I'm interested to see if this actually will ever happen.

[The Advocate]

Uh, and by straight, I guess I meant total homo.  The following pictures were taken when he announced his internship at Vogue.  Nah, just kidding, he's straight.

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