Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Romania's Witches Can't Catch a Break

Sounds like their cat poop magic hasn't quite kicked in yet.

Still reeling from the new tax affecting fortune tellers and witches, the magical community of Romania is facing a new terror:  malpractice suits!!!!!  (ominous music)

Er, sort of.  Essentially, if their predictions don't come true, they'll get fined or tossed in the clink.  Naturally, the witches pointed out the obvious:  it's not their fault if their predictions don't come true, it's the cards' fault.  Uh-huh.  Yeah.

 You're going to be sorry!  Fluffy's shit is in this cup!

"The new draft bill passed in the Senate last week. It still must be approved by a financial and labor committee and by Romania's Chamber of Deputies, the other house of Romania's parliament.

"Bratara called the proposed bill overblown. "I will fight until my last breath for this not to be passed," she said.

"Sometimes, she argued, people don't provide their real identities, dates of birth or other personal details, which could skew a seer's predictions.

"'What about when the client gives false details about themselves? We can't be blamed for that,' she said.
The bill would also require witches to have a permit, to provide their customers with receipts and bar them from practicing near schools and churches."

Heavens!  What's next?  I think the witches should unionize.  Move with the times, ladies. 


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  1. I'm all for fining witches, shamans, and priests who don't deliver on their prophecies, but unfortunately I'm sure this bill only applies to the "wrong" religions. Otherwise, the Vatican has one hell of a deficit.