Monday, February 28, 2011

How Did I Miss This?

Did you hear this crap?

The same legislator who decided that each and every miscarriage should be investigated by the police to make sure there wasn't human involvement (does he even understand that there's a budget crisis going on?) took his crazy a step further and suggested criminal penalties unless that woman can definitely prove she didn't instigate her "prenatal murder."

And guess what those penalties could include?  That's right.  Execution.

"It's only February, but this year has been a tough one for women's health and reproductive rights. There's a new bill on the block that may have reached the apex (I hope) of woman-hating craziness. Georgia State Rep. Bobby Franklin—who last year proposed making rape and domestic violence 'victims' into 'accusers'—has introduced a 10-page bill that would criminalize miscarriages and make abortions in Georgia completely illegal. Both miscarriages and abortions would be potentially punishable by death: any 'prenatal murder' in the words of the bill, including 'human involvement' in a miscarriage, would be a felony and carry a penalty of life in prison or death. Basically, it's everything an "pro-life" activist could want aside from making all women who've had abortions wear big red 'A's on their chests."

Are you fucking kidding me?  Bobby Franklin has completely passed out of the realm of "conservative politician" and into the realm of "disgusting human being who should just live somewhere else."  First you take away a woman's ability to claim victimhood in sexual assault, then he wants to wantonly murder women-- unless they can absolutely prove they didn't coathanger their fetus. 

Yes, he is married.  I wonder what it must be like to be a woman in that marriage.  I'm waiting for the inevitable wife-beating or cheating scandal to break on this loon, there has to be one somewhere.

[Mother Jones]

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