Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Maryland Debates Same-Sex Marriage, Lt. Gov. Brown Backs It, and John Waters is a BIG FAT DOUCHE.

The great state of Maryland and my former home is undergoing a debate that the nation is watching-- whether or not to legalize same-sex marriage.  The bill has been cosponsored by 18 out of 47 state senators and has garnered support from others-- to include the Republican Senate Majority Leader, Allan Kittleman.

Lt. Governor Anthony Brown appeared on MSNBC today to discuss bill 116 with Thomas Roberts, and he sounds optimistic.  During the discussion, Baltimore native Roberts (yay Charm City!) expressed hopes that he would be able to get married in his hometown-- he's a local A-gay.  Side note:  I've met Anthony Brown and he's even hotter in person.  I'd totally hit it.  Watch below:

Speaking of Baltimore celebrigays, yes, I've met John Waters, and yes, he's a big jerk.  Not only did my fellow canvassers at Progressive Maryland have horror stories about having to go to his house, but I met him in person, at Club Charles by the train station.  He snottily told me that quitting smoking was the best thing that he ever did and then glared at me.

Just... Shave it off, John.  It's getting annoying.

I told him he made a drag queen eat dog shit on camera so he wasn't really all that into health himself.  John Waters= easily the biggest prick I met in the three years I lived in Baltimore.

This story bit me on the ass when I was on a pseudo-date with a Seattle member of the gay glitterati and local artist (and business owner, this guy really had it all), and I mentioned this story and how much I hated John Waters.  He cocked his head, looked at me, and said, "I don't know.  I think John's a good guy."  *facepalm*.


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