Friday, February 4, 2011

Traditional Values Coalition Panics Oldsters By Spreading Lies

It says a lot about the religious right that they have to lie in order to get the support they need just to survive as a movement.

A mailer has been sent out by the Christian Seniors Association (a group billing itself as the conservative alternative to the AARP-- however, instead of doing any advocacy it is merely a fundraising machine for its parent organization, the Traditional Values Coalition) claiming that Christianity has NOW BEEN OUTLAWED!!!!!11!!!!1!!1!

Of course, this is alarmist bullshit-- Obama himself is a Christian, as he stated at the National Prayer Breakfast, and would hardly want to outlaw the Bible.  All the Hate Crimes Act legislates is that Americans can't incite violence against gay people.  Of course, I'm sure the TVC doesn't REALLY care about this-- they're using it as an opportunity to raise money to buy more boats, condos, and fancy jewelry. 

I know!  I should use fear mongering and lies to raise money so that I can pay rent!  This couchsurfing thing is really getting old.


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