Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Speaking of shoes (and contributing my LONG neglected fashion voice to this cranky little blog) I thought I'd share with you a collection Karl Lagerfeld recently unveiled for Chanel in Antibes, France. Held at the ultra-luxurious Hotel Du Cap - "possibly the most expensive hotel in the world," according to Der Kaiser, the resort 2012 collection showed (per usual) tweeds, chiffons, camellias, and other Chanel cliches, this time accessorized with real pearls and diamonds. "Perhaps too much is not enough," he mused at the end of the show. Evidently too much weirdness wasn't enough for Karl, as evidenced below:
Is he serious? Ignoring for a moment that the outfit is both distractingly busy and completely shapeless (isn't one fuckup enough?), what the hell is this girl wearing on her FEET!?
These, my darlings, are toeless boots, essentially thong sandals with knee-high leather socks attached. Lagerfeld emphasized the disparity by pairing the boots with below-the-knee skirts and dresses, simulating a bottom-dwelling sea creature poking its feelers from beneath a rock. Further weirdness ensued when Lagerfeld mixed jeans with palazzo pants, swimsuits with tweed jackets, and dressed his very own little drunken, dishevelled wedding party.
If you're an insane billionaire bride on her honeymoon vacation, this resort collection will be perfect for you. For us peasants, it MIGHT be a little too much crazy.


Wesley Darling

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