Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I Hate To Post About Newt Twice In One Day... But...

Newt continued trying to do damage control on the whole Paul Ryan budget kerfuffle with a unique tactic:  If you quote anything he said on Sunday, you are lying.


"After he said this, Republicans and conservative pundits got very mad at him, because they are all working super-hard at making killing Medicare seem necessary and even popular. So Newt had to completely contradict himself, which isn't that unusual for him, and declare that he wants to marry Paul Ryan.

"Now that Gingrich totally 100% supports Paul Ryan, it is dishonest and unfair to point out that three days ago he did not support Paul Ryan. 'Any ad which quotes what I said on Sunday is a falsehood,' Gingrich said, amazingly."

It's clear we must vote for him to be President, if only because HE HAS MAGIC TIME CHANGING POWERS, making anything he said and then regretted AUTOMATICALLY NOT EVER EXIST.



  1. How...does this guy have ANY credibility? I love it when the guy cheating on his wife tries to impeach presidents for cheating on theirs.

  2. Credibility? This is the GOP we're talking about.