Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Gettin' Nekkid In Idaho

Jonathan Palmer was arrested last Thursday for strippin' naked and walking down the street in a Boise neighborhood. 

"But that’s exactly what Jonathan Palmer did last Thursday in the 15th and Hill area of Boise’s North End last Thursday evening. After receiving several calls from witnesses, police arrested the 20-year old for walking down the street completely naked.

"But unlike many instances of public nudity, Palmer was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol. On the contrary, the arresting officer, Lt. Kent Lipple, described Palmer as cooperative and articulate."

Palmer stated to the police that he wanted to get over his fear of being naked in public, as well as demonstrating to the residents of Boise that they needn't fear someone being clothes-free.

I'm fond of going to the local nude beach here in Eugene, Glassbar Island.  Although social, the atmosphere isn't particularly sexual and is a great place to go and hang with people who aren't afraid to let their no-nos hang out for a tan. 

Congrats to this cutie-patootie on getting over his fear of nudity.  :)

[Nakedism]  (Site NSFW)

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