Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Scott Walker: Still Basically A D-Bag

Scott Walker has filed a legal brief asking a judge if the state of Wisconsin can cease defending their domestic partner registry in court.

This domestic registry, while not according the full rights that are inherent in the ability to marry, allow gay couples the right to visit each other in the hospital, make medical decisions for one other, and inherit each other's property upon the death of one partner.  Signaling what he thinks are in the best interests of the state, he stated that the law is unconstitutional and should not be taking anymore taxpayer money via its legal defense.

"The registry's very existence is currently being challenged by a lawsuit from Wisconsin Family Action (WFA), an anti-gay conservative group. The current suit is actually the second brought by WFA: their first was shot down by the state's supreme court, which declined to even hear the argument.

"A slim majority of the state's voters approved a constitutional amendment in 2006 that banned not only same sex marriage, but also any 'legal status identical or substantially similar to marriage.'"

The legal determination needing to be made is, of course, whether or not the registry is substantially similar to marriage.  While that is open to interpretation, his point that it isn't in the best interest of the state to protect gay couples implies something more insidious to me.  Does he think that it is the state's prerogative to tear apart gay families and destroy what rights they have?

The good news is Fair Wisconsin will continue to defend the case in court.  Go to their website and contribute if you want to help the plight of gay couples in Wisconsin.


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