Friday, May 27, 2011

TX Governor Perry: Restricting Your Right To Vote

The Republicans have scored a victory in their war on your most inalienable and sacred right in American politics: the right to vote. 

Today the Governor of Texas, Rick Perry, signed into law a bill that would require you to show your photo ID in order to have your ballot counted.  The law has met with stiff resistance from the left, as demographics that typically lack photo ID (think the elderly, minority, student-age voters) tend to vote for Democrats. 

While the proponents of the bill have lauded it as important in order to restrict voter fraud, with the practically non-existent incidence of voter fraud on record this bill seems to be pretty clearly aimed at strong-arming liberal voting blocs out of the polls.   

"Democrats in Texas have been fighting these voter restrictions since Texas Republicans first proposed them in 2005. This year, however, they were unable to hold up the process thanks to an overwhelming Republican majority in the statehouse.

"Republicans have long claimed the voter restrictions were needed to prevent liberal conspiracies to steal elections. Despite these claims, no evidence has been found that would indicate an organized effort to manipulate vote outcomes in any meaningful way."

The measure is practically guaranteed to be challenged in court, and for good reason.  This sort of maneuver is a clear attempt to destroy liberal Americans' right to participate in the political process and is deeply offensive.


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