Saturday, May 21, 2011

Nope, Still Here (Or, Today In Gay History)

Anyone raptured yet?  Me neither.

Hopefully we can put this rapture nonsense behind us and think about more important things.  For instance, did you know that today is the anniversary of the White Night Riots in San Francisco, CA?

In 1979, Dan White was convicted for the murder of Harvey Milk, the iconic gay politician that inspired the biopic Milk.  His conviction?  Voluntary manslaughter, a clear abuse of the justice system as it was the lightest possible conviction for his cowardly and hateful act of assassination.

Riots exploded in the streets of San Francisco on May 21st, 32 years ago, resulting in hundreds of thousands of dollars' worth of damage and countless arrests.  The event culminated in a retaliatory raid on a gay bar after the riot, with lawsuits resulting.  After all the dust settled, the gay community found themselves front and center on the political scene in the Californian city, and history had been made.

While the violence of the event is certainly to be abhorred, perhaps this is a historical footnote better given attention on this date than some old man's attempt to get publicity for his radio show by announcing the end of the world.

Thanks to Cameron for the reminder of today's date. 

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