Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Church Of Scotland Allows Openly Gay Clergy

Here's one ray of sunshine to start off your Tuesday, before I get into all the shit that pisses me off: the Church of Scotland has voted to allow openly gay clergy to minister. 

In 2009 the Church voted 326-267 to allow the appointment of openly gay Rev. Scott Ronnie, but put a two year moratorium on opening up the entire ministry to gay clergy in order to debate the issue.  Finally, two years later, they have removed the last hurdle to gay priests who want to serve. 

"The church's general assembly, its law-making body, voted on Monday to lift that moratorium, officially officially allowing gay ministers to take on parishes for the first time since its formation 450 years ago.

"The general assembly also allowed serving gay and lesbian ministers who have kept their sexuality private to openly declare their sexuality – a proposal bitterly resisted by evangelical and conservative ministers.

"In one of the final votes, the general assembly chose by a small majority to lift a parallel ban on ordaining and training people who are in same-sex relationships, and gay and lesbians in civil partnerships. It called for a new report by 2013 on both proposals and on allowing ministers to bless gay and lesbian relationships."

As much as 42% of the population of Scotland claim some form of connection to the Kirk.  Congratulations to the gay Scots who feel called to the cloth.  If only the mainstream churches of our own country were so progressive.

[The Guardian]

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