Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Next Up: Newt

Huck and Donnie T have fallen out, but the GOP melee to the nomination is far from over.  With the backing out of two candidates that you just love to hate, looks like the next one in the spotlight is everyone's favorite adulterer-turned-defender of traditional marriage:  Newt Gingrich!

This past Sunday Newt was caught on camera on Meet the Press calling the Ryan budget "radical" and "right-wing social engineering."  Naturally, he's now backtracking like it's an Olympic sport.

"We're in a phase here where, if you are a conservative, you better expect gotcha press and they took dramatically out of context what I said and tried to make it dramatically a fight between me and Paul Ryan."

Because, naturally, it's all the fault of the liberal media elite.

Even GOP voters aren't fooled, however.  Check out this video of an Iowa GOP voter gettin' cranky and telling Newt to back out before he makes an even bigger ass of himself.

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