Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bachmann: Soon To Subject You To Round-The-Clock Crazy

Michele Bachmann, one of my favorite crazy people, is thiiiiiiiiis close to tossing her hat in to the mess that is the contest for the Republican nomination for President.  

Citing a call from God, Bachmann said on Iowa Public Television (what, it hasn't been defunded yet?) that she is just about ready to make herself available as a candidate.  You know, in case anyone was wondering.

"Well, every decision that I make I pray about as does my husband and I can tell you, yes, I've had that calling and that tugging on my heart that this is the right thing to do and because it's such a momentous decision, not only for myself, my husband and our 28 children, it is a momentous decision what ideas will I bring to bear? What are the resources that I have to marshal in terms of people, assets, the message and also the finances, the amount of time this will take, what this will mean for the nation. Am I the right person for the job? Every decision and every endeavor my husband and I have made we think it through, we're not rash people. We make a plan because we want to succeed, we don't want to fail and so we've been very deliberative in this process and that's why we're now coming to the culmination and next month, as I announced last night, I'll make that decision right here in Waterloo and the world will know."

Yes.  28 children.  She has 5 biologically and she has fostered 23 children throughout her life.  

I'm going to start selling tickets and popcorn to this circus!  I can't wait for the presidential debates-- do you think she'll look at the camera?  

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