Monday, May 30, 2011

GOP Rep Demands Racial Profiling In Airports

US Rep. Paul Broun (R-GA) went on Fox News Sunday to complain about political correctness in airports, saying the TSA needed to start racial profiling more in order to stop terrorists.

His proof?  He went to an airport once and saw the TSA pat down an elderly white man while allowing an "Arabian" man pass through security without inspection.  Clear evidence that the terrorists are winning.

Broun is white, and should pass through security un-groped.  That's just for brown people!

"'We have to stop this inane political correctness that’s going on,' Broun said. 'Political correctness won’t save any lives, but focusing on those that will harm us will.'"

Maybe, Paul, just maybe it's really not necessary to assume that certain individuals are going to harm us based on their attire or skin color.  Cuz, uh, we've done a lot of work to defeat racism in this country and you just might be suggesting setting back that work by harassing innocent travelers due to racial bias.  Just sayin'.


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