Monday, May 16, 2011

Phoenix Suns CEO Is A Big Homo

58-year old Rick Welts, who began his career as a ball boy (snicker) for the Seattle Super Sonics, came out over the weekend, becoming the first prominent business leader in the world of sports to do so.  His coming out has garnered not only praise from outside the industry, but tremendous support from within, from both the Suns franchise and NBA Commissioner David Stern.

"Alvin Gentry, who has been the Suns' head coach for 2½ seasons after joining the team in 2004 as an assistant coach, complimented Welts, saying the fact he is gay is beside the point."

"'I had a feeling about it,' Gentry told ESPN The Magazine's Chris Broussard when asked if he knew Welts was gay. 'To me, what does it matter? I know he's great at his job; he's very organized and he does a brilliant job. To me, [his sexuality] is irrelevant.'"

Sports: the final frontier.


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  1. "Sports: the final frontier."
    In so many ways, truth. Much like the armed services, institutions that envision themselves hyper-masculine tend to thrive in environments of extreme homophobia. Is that changing? Yes. Will they go quietly into that good night? Not likely. A lot of it is ingraned, knee jerk reactions to the slightest specter of homosexuality. The less people attach stigma and shame to same sex attractions/relationships the less locker room hazings will have such a negative impact.