Saturday, May 28, 2011

Dan Choi Arrested In Moscow

Dan Choi participated in a banned Pride rally on Saturday in Moscow.  Pam from Pam's House Blend captured Choi's Tweet feed related to the event:

15 Russian activists and 3 internationals were arrested in the demonstration after an unknown number of anti-gay "fascist" attackers started a fray.  Andy Thayer says:

Video of the chaotic scene.

"By our count, 18 pro-lgbt demonstrators were arrested today (15 Russians and 3 internationals), as were an unknown number of fascists who tried to attack us.  A fascist tried to slug me in the face, but missed.  One of our Russian friends was injured and taken to the hospital, but not in serious condition.  We were very worried that the police would simply allow the fascists to beat us to a pulp.  That this did not happen is a victory, of sorts.

"The pro-gay European Court of Human Rights decision is now revealed as a piece of toilet paper, soiled.  The European Court and the Russian gov't look very bad, and President Obama and Sec't of State Clinton look like hypocrites for failing to say anything about the events today.  Before the demo, our Russian friends were told by the U.S. embassy that they would simply "monitor the situation."  Lot of help that was.

"Russian LGBTs unfortunately still have a lot of work ahead of them.  The Russian gov't continues to thumb its nose at world opinion, as does the U.S. gov't in this and many other matters."

The three internationals were Choi, Louis-George Tin and Peter Tatchell, all of whom were released immediately without a fine.  The Russian activists had to stay overnight.  The Advocate reports that the treatment of the foreign activists was much better, as they were even allowed to keep their cell phones in their holding cells.  

UK Gay News liveblogged the event, found at the link below.

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