Thursday, May 26, 2011

Rapture Fallout: Mom Attempts To Kill Her Children, Russian Girl Commits Suicide

This is just sad.

While many of us laughed off the rapture or spent their life savings buying ad space for it, one woman took the threat of the Apocalyptic Tribulations so seriously that she slit the wrists and throats of her daughters before cutting her own so that they wouldn't have to live through the inevitable hell on Earth.  

Lucky, Lyn Benedetto's neighbor discovered the murder/suicide scene in time for all three to be taken to the hospital for treatment.  The question on many people's minds: how much responsibility does Harold Camping bear?

He, of course, says none.

"Murdering is terrible. It is contrary to everything the Bible teaches. That would have been a horrible thing if she has done that. That will make me weep. That will fill me with sorrow that she would do that. The Bible teaches that we are to save life, not kill. If it is going to be death, leave it to God. God knows who He wants to kill and make alive. That is His business, not our business."

One would argue, of course, that "God's business" also includes the date and time of the end of the world, but then how else would Camping fleece his followers for cash?


UPDATE: Russian Teen Fearful Of Rapture, Commits Suicide

Sad doesn't even begin to cover this.

A Russian 14-year old girl was found dead in her home.  She committed suicide on May 21st, her family says, because she was fearful of the end of the world.

"Nastya Zachinova, who lived in the Republic of Mari El in Central Russia, believed that the world end on May 21, her family told LifeNews, a Russian tabloid.
"'She took this date too close to heart,' the teen's mother, Lyudmila, told LifeNews.
"Russia's state-owned news agency, RIA Novosti, reported Wednesday that the girl hanged herself out of fear of Camping's prediction."
Dear public figures: people listen to the shit you say.  Don't be freaking irresponsible.  This is what happens if you are.

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