Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Ben Quayle Denies Existence Of Big Oil Subsidies, Constituents Laugh

Rep. Ben Quayle held a town hall in Anthem, AZ last night and caused some hilarity as only he can-- when asked about the billions in subsidies given to the oil industry every year, he straight-up denied they even existed.  His voters are smarter than he gives them credit for, as they laughed right in his face.

"CONSTITUENT: Why were the oil companies coming to defend their subsidies in front of the Senate? Those subsidies, anything in which we give them money when they’re making billions off of us every day.

"AUDIENCE: That’s right!

"QUAYLE: The things they were talking about were actually tax deductions that corporations across all sorts of sectors take in terms of R&D, in terms of equipment deductions, the life of the equipment, those were the deductions that they were talking about and it’s not specific to the oil industry [...]"


And just for this, I'm resurrecting an old OneAngryQueer tradition and naming Ben Quayle this week's Comedian of the Week!  Because he has to be joking...



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