Friday, May 13, 2011

Michele Bachmann Challenged by a High School Sophomore

An epic win scored for Amy Myers of Cherry Valley, New Jersey.  Amy got fed up with Bachmann's constant lack of knowledge about the history of our nation... so this high schooler has challenged her to a battle of wits.

"Though I am not in your home district, or even your home state, you are a United States Representative of some prominence who is subject to national media coverage. News outlets and websites across this country profile your causes and viewpoints on a regular basis. As one of a handful of women in Congress, you hold a distinct privilege and responsibility to better represent your gender nationally. The statements you make help to serve an injustice to not only the position of Congresswoman, but women everywhere. Though politically expedient, incorrect comments cast a shadow on your person and by unfortunate proxy, both your supporters and detractors alike often generalize this shadow to women as a whole.

"Rep. Bachmann, the frequent inability you have shown to accurately and factually present even the most basic information about the United States led me to submit the follow challenge, pitting my public education against your advanced legal education:

"I, Amy Myers, do hereby challenge Representative Michele Bachmann to a Public Forum Debate and/or Fact Test on The Constitution of the United States, United States History and United States Civics."

It would be a dream come true if this could happen, but ol' Crazy Eyes is well known for being terrified of facing detractors in public. 


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