Wednesday, May 11, 2011

OneAngryCultist reporting for OneAngryQueer

OMG Shoes! In a report this morning by the Seattle PI, new outrage is being unleashed over shoes allegedly designed to sculpt the tokuses of young girls:

The company has miniaturized its “Shape-up” sneakers, a brand of boat-shaped shoes that features a sexified marketing campaign. The ads claim the shoes allegedly help firm the legs and butts of women, which feels less a health claim than a bid for desirability, reinforced by spokesmodel Kim Kardashian and other hotties in tiny shorts.

While there can be no doubt pushing products on kids under the pretense that it'll make them more attractive is a terrible, terrible, thing; there are some health benefits to having a functioning posterior that even our own Ian Awesome will be willing to talk about at length. Until then...

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