Wednesday, May 11, 2011

OneAngryCultist: Good News and Bad News


After thirty or so years of hemming and hawing, the Presbyterian Church USA has proudly joined the ranks of other mainline Protestant churches in the United States by ratifying a vote to allow openly-identified LGBTQ clergy to be ordained as ministers. LA Times reports:

With the vote of its regional organization in Minnesota, the Presbyterian Church USA became the fourth mainline Protestant church to allow gay ordination, following the Episcopal and Evangelical Lutheran churches and the United Church of Christ. The Minnesota vote was closely followed by one in Los Angeles.

The change to the Presbyterian Church constitution was approved last summer by the church's General Assembly, its governing body. But under church rules, such changes must then be ratified by a majority of the 173 regional organizations known as presbyteries.

Late Tuesday, at a meeting in St. Louis Park, a Minneapolis suburb, the Twin Cities Presbytery put the measure over the top with a vote of 205 to 56, becoming the 87th regional body to vote yes. About 90 minutes later, the Pacific Presbytery, representing parts of Southern California and all of Hawaii, added its voice, voting 102 to 60 in favor.

Congratulations Presbyterians! Hopefully more churches start following your example by following in the example of the radical acceptance that J.C. taught 2000 years ago.


After proudly announcing that Navy Chaplains would be allowed to perform same-sex unions on base and have them legally binding in states and territories where teh gay is accepted, conservatives crying wolf have unfortunately pushed progress on the backburner yet again. MSNBC reports:

Under pressure from more than five dozen House lawmakers, the Navy late Tuesday abruptly reversed its decision that would have allowed chaplains to perform same-sex unions if the Pentagon decides to recognize openly gay military service later this year. House members wrote to Navy Secretary Ray Mabus (Pdf) to object to the Navy's initial ruling, saying the service was violating the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act by appearing to recognize and support same-sex marriages.

That law defines marriage as only between a man and a woman, and it also says states don't have to recognize gay marriages performed in other states where they are legal.

"We find it unconscionable that the United States Navy, a federal entity sworn to preserve and protect the Constitution of the United States, believes it is their place alone to train and direct service members to violate federal law," said the lawmakers' letter, which was signed by 63 House members.

So, yeah, once again the GOP has proven itself consistent in being the party of Grumpy Old People. Sorry guys.

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