Thursday, May 26, 2011

Dan Choi: Making Trouble In Moscow

Every year, gay Muscovites attempt to hold a Gay Pride event and every year the city bans the event from taking place, once memorably referring to Pride as "Satanic."  This year is no different, however, American gay rights activist Dan Choi has flown to Russia in order to show support for Russian activists combating homophobia in Moscow.

Along with Russian activist Nikolay Alexeyev, French Louis-George Tim (who created the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia) and British activist Peter Tatchell, Dan reports via Pam Spaulding:

"Dan reports that he, along with about 20 activists from the U.S. and Europe attended Russia's version of Meet the Press. Russian LGBT rights activist, lawyer and journalist Nikolay Alexeyev debated their version of Maggie Gallagher, and the opposition (anti-gay) side was stacked with government officials and a 'sexologist' demonizing LGBTs.

"According to Dan, the first two segments were very contentious; at the end of the second segment it became so heated that Alexeyev stormed off of the set -- actually damaging part of the set -- and refused to come back for the third segment.

"Instead, Alexeyev and all of the pro-LGBT attendees left the set and audience. This program aired live, so I'm sure clips will surface. Dan will have a report later; they are also planning direct action in protest of the cancellation of Pride by homophobic officials and it's likely there will be arrests."

Good job to Dan and Co. on supporting gay rights in Russia.  Good luck this weekend with Pride celebrations.

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