Monday, May 16, 2011

God Hates Sluts

On June 19, 2011, the Seattle Slutwalk kicks off at noon, starting off at Bobby Morris Playfield and marching down Pine to culminate in a rally at Westlake Center.  This creative event, organized in order to illustrate that no woman should fear rape no matter how skanky her ho stroll is, has been lauded nationwide by feminists and anti-rape activists (does it horrify anyone else that we need anti-rape activists?).  The SlutWalk website says that they were inspired by a similar event in Toronto.

I was super excited to attend– I have some leather booty shorts just dying to be worn with absolutely nothing else– but unfortunately will be out of town for a business trip.  Never fear, though guys, because it won’t just be you fine-ass sluts attending!

Westboro Baptist Church is showing up.

Slog reports that the Phelps clan, made famous for their pickets of dead soldiers and public prayers asking God to slay gay people, are taking their “God Hates Fags” sideshow to Seattle to protest the proud hos of Emerald City.

Let's hope Shirley keeps her slut gear at home.
The organizers, 18 year old Robin Sacks, Western Washington student Samuel Schimmel and Microsoft employee Jessi Murray are largely unconcerned, citing larger numbers.  After all, there are far more sluts in Seattle than bigots.
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  1. Its not a party until the Phelps show up to shame on one's parade. Seriously though, the Slut Walk is a very cool idea and I'm glad its getting some traction.