Tuesday, May 3, 2011

US Judge: Lesbians Should Join the Military So Straight Men Can Convert Them

Joe Rehyansky, judge and Vietnam veteran, wrote on conservative news site The Daily Caller that he believed that gay men should be excluded from military service due to their inability to prevent themselves from spreading disease.  He then went on to say that gay girls are ok!  Cuz then all those straight men they won't find anywhere else can get a crack at converting them. 


"Lesbian military personnel, who Mr Rehyansky praised for their 'medical and administrative specialties', should be allowed to serve because they apparently have low sex drives.
"His final argument, which has now been removed by The Daily Caller, was as follows: 'My solution would get the distaff part of our homosexual population off our collective "Broke Back," thus giving straight male GIs a fair shot at converting lesbians and bringing them into the mainstream.'"

Bloggers are criticizing the comment, saying Rehyansky is advocating corrective rape, a practice which sadly occurs with some frequency on lesbians in Africa.

Aside from the obvious, I can think of a few things the lesbian soldiers I knew in the military might have to say about such conversions.  Like, for instance "Try it.  I've got a gun."



  1. Due to the fact that he looks and thinks like a King of the Hill cartoon, he's obviously had some trouble with the fairer sex. Barf.

  2. This is one of the most vile things I've seen all week, and I've been showing documentaries about gender exploitation in the media to apathetic criminal justice majors. I felt physically ill at the thought of this. What sort of person can disconnect himself from the idea that women are thinking and feeling human beings long enough to think that corrective rape is something that should or ought be prescribed? A misogynistic douche of the highest order.