Tuesday, May 3, 2011

AFA Urges Fast Food to Boycott Glee

The American Family Association, noted as the home of OAQ favorite Bryan Fischer and designated hate group by the SPLC, is now urging Subway, Taco Bell, and Burger King to pull their ads during the broadcast of Glee because they portray gay teens positively.

Glee has had an ongoing anti-bullying storyline since its inception, with Chris Colfer's portrayal of Kurt Hummel drawing accolades from pro-acceptance advocates nationwide.

Found via Back2Stonewall:

"Burger King Corporation
Consumer Relations
(305) 378-3535

Taco Bell
1-800-TACO BELL Customer Representative

Subway - Contact LINK

Lets beat these hateful bastards at their own game and THANK these companies for supporting LGBT teenagers and thell them what the AFA REALLY IS!"

The AFA hasn't really gotten the clue yet that corporate America is more and more starting to value the gay dollar.


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