Thursday, June 16, 2011

Rick Perry: Yet Another GOP Schmuck For Prez

Rick Perry, governor of the great state of Texas, has been hinting at a presidential bid for the 2012 race, adding yet another whackadoodle bonehead to the Repub mix.  Perry, of course, being the guy who was going to save Texas from wildfires via prayer and waged a successful war against your right to vote

He's been talking up his success in job creation in the state of Texas in order to build momentum for a possible announcement of his candidac, and ThinkProgress wants you to know that it just isn't necessarily true. 

"'In Texas, you don’t have to use your imagination, saying, "What’ll happen if we apply this or that conservative principle?"' Perry said earlier this week. 'You just need to look around, because they’ve been in play across our state for years, generating real results like unmatched job creation, more exports than any other state and a balanced budget.'"

The problem being, of course, that his assertion of unmatched job creation is blatantly untrue.  While Texas has a lower unemployment rate than the national average, New York is even lower (and that's just one instance of his statement's inaccuracy).  And the problem with all those jobs?  They're poverty level minimum wage positions, with Texas actually leading the country in low-paid employment.

Oh, and that vaunted balanced budget he's touting?  I might buy that-- but the key to that being that Perry accepted billions of stimulus money from the federal government on the sly after insisting that Texas was above the recession and didn't need help.

In essence: please run for President, Governor Rick Perry.  I can't think of anything better for my blog and the progressive movement as a whole than to have such a weak, lame candidate seeking the nomination.

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