Friday, June 24, 2011

Sen. Saland Is The Winning 32nd Vote: Gay Marriage Has Been Passed In New York State

After a horribly boring speech by Senator Saland, he put himself on record as "yes," ensuring the passage of crucial amendments paving the way for same-sex marriage in New York State.

Sen. Ruben Diaz very bizarrely interrupted the proceedings in order to make his "no" vote known, but Saland refused to yield the floor until his vote was recorded properly and order was restored by the President of the Senate. Towleroad tweeted this:

Then the bill was announced as passed, prompting cheers from the gallery. I can only imagine the jubilation in New York right now, and I wish I was there. The end vote was 36 votes.

New York, congratulations from Oregon. This is a major step for every New Yorker, and indeed every American.

I had a rough day today, having been turned down for a job. But I am now filled with a sense of elation over this historic vote, and I have no doubt that New York is going to be a very very happy state this weekend.

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