Thursday, June 23, 2011

Huntsman On Romney And Health Care

New GOP candidate John Huntsman, the former governor of Utah, is now blasting Mitt Romney's credibility on healthcare.  Which is funny, because "Romneycare," enacted during Mittens' stint as governor in Massachusetts, has reduced the uninsured rate in MA to 1.9%, compared to the whopping 14% in Huntsman's home state of Utah.

"The question was, when someone who passed and signed that particular law is talking about free market health care, do they have credibility? Otherwise, governors can do whatever they want to do, whatever the aspirations of the people in their state dictate, they can move in that direction. I think the answer was, he would have little credibility talking about market-based health care plans having signed onto that."

I was hoping Huntsman's stance on civil unions would mean that he would be willing to run as a moderate, but now those hopes have kind of been dashed.  The poor guy is clearly just yet another wingnut.

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